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Just in time for the winter season, we inaugurated our new fireplaces designed and built by the bavarian fireplace company Brunner ( at Direktorenhaus.

We celebrated the get together of finest graphic and illustrative art with Berlins scene-people, designers, castleowners, fireplace constructors from all over Germany and various curious people in a glittering party.

In the warmth of the seven fireplaces surrounded by artworks we enjoyed an especially composed buffet and took part in bitting for a number of selected pieces in a small auction. At the two floors of the house at the Spree the guests could see how designed fireplaces can look today: fresh, elegant and very modern. In the presence of Kai Linke and Daniel Becker, who designed the tiles for a number of fireplaces especially for the exhibition, the guests got the chance to discuss their works.

The evening was underlined with music of the Ramsauer Zenti Spinet, which is a symposium on Total art work refering to the „spinet“, a historical keyboard instrument from the 16th century and at the same time turning the instrument into a contemporary art installation where the past meets the present in color and form.

During the evening two exhibitions have been opened: The Illustrator Erik Mark Sandberg shows us quite plainly the topics beauty craze and consumer culture, in intensive shiny colours, by his solo exhibition „Down by the river“. Playing with ideals of beauty we offered the guests to get dressed up and join Sandbergs groupportrait for a photograph. On the first floor we also could admire the increasing diversity of modern graphic art by the group exhibition “graphic detour” (with Erik Steinbrecher, Damien Poulain, among others).