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Chloé Mazlo



Born in Paris in 1983, Chloé Mazlo studied graphic arts at the School of Graphic Arts in Strasburg (Ecole des Arts Décoratifs), from 2002 to 2007. Her first film, L’amour m’anime, made during her senior year, was selected in about 20 film festivals, and broadcast on the French TV channel Canal+I.

Deyrouth, 2006
Summer 2006, Paris, France. Chloé has decided to celebrate the anniversary of her parents’ arrival in France by taking a road trip to Lebanon, just as they had done to escape the war, but the other way around. Ironically, a new war breaks out a few days before her departure. Her plans are upset, but the irrational attachment she nurtures for this wounded country pushes her to leave nevertheless.

Chloé Mazlo took part in the Swatch Young Illustrators Award of 2010 .