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Brunner fireplaces


Firerplaces at Direktorenhaus -

Since December 2011 we are proud to see 7 brand new fireplaces every day at Direktorenhaus.

Why that?
The idea in regards to the exhibition of a new culture binding fire and warmthsprung out of a pragmatic call of the winter: the old house on the spree, which is part of the old mint coin, does not possess a heating system - the past winters have been too cold.

The 'help' came from Bavaria:

The company Brunner, manufacturer of furnaces and modern fireplaces quickly installed 7 new fireplaces in the House. Direktorenhaus-Designers Kai Linke, Daniel Becker and Miro Pistek solely produced an unique approach of clear elegance of fireplaces and furnaces that reveal how comfortable in as much as fitting these can be today.
The traditional form of the fireplace have been interpreted new.
Out of it came a modern, technically advanced functioning 'fireplace-art-object'. 
All 'fireplace-art-objects' from Brunner in the Direktorenhaus can be viewed starting from January 2012 on the first and second floor of the House,

Am Krögel 2,  in Berlin-Mitte.

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